Epoxy adhesive Universal Verwendbar

Universal two component adhesive. Can be used gluing of different materials, upbilding broken parts and elements, filling, stipping leaks in pipes, radiators, crankcases, in different installations in automotive industry, for repairs and many others. Has very high resistance. Resistant to temperatures, pressure, most acids etc. Can be mechanically procced - can be painted, drilled, abraded, grinded etc. 

The easy to use and versatile problem solver putty compound for sealing, bonding, moulding, repairing and filling.

Bonds to metals, wood, glass, stone, marble, ceramics, most plastics etc.

Cured material can be mechanically machined (e.g drilled, filed, milled) and overpainted without pretreatment.

Resists fuels, oil, ester, salt water as well as most acids.

Bonding of different type of materials to each other.

Sealing of pipes and tanks.

Repairing and building up of casting.

Repairing of shafts, bearing, pumps, casing, solar panels, radiators and motor blocks. Reconditioning of defective threads.

In all kinds of repairing in manufacturing and automotive industry.

Technical features:

Packing: 40 gr.

Curing time at room temperature: 3 hours

Temperature resistance : -35°C + 200°C

Compressive strength: 80N/mm2

Tension strength: 30N/mm2

Shelf life at room temperature : 3 years

Shelf life in the fridge: 5 years.

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qty 40 gr.
Price: 5.60 lv./item with VAT
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